Monday, February 19, 2018

Blocked By ‘The Province’

In my affidavit last week, I stated that the police had stopped me from reporting raids and sabotage -- a telling refusal. Here I am in conversation with (click ⊳ to Play) the integrity chief of the Special Investigating Unit. "Central" blocked me twice, I tell him -- which is the police in central Cape Town. The integrity chief contradicts me in his characteristic drawl: "The Province," he says. "The Province blocked you twice." That means the Provincial Commissioner, who appears in last week's affidavit, basically for doing just that. OBSERVATION: The integrity chief was "bang on", but I didn't want our conversation to stray into our connections with the Who's Who of the city. I had heard him. Elsewhere on this blog, there is a recording of "Central" blocking me. In that recording, a Colonel receives orders on a smart-phone, then refuses my charges. Who gave the orders? The Colonel was the chief after all. The snake is the "mascot" of the Special Investigating Unit.

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