Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Distance to Work

A major problem in South Africa is the distance to work -- I have come across the problem often in ministry. As an example, I spoke to a shop clerk about the circumstances of his work. He told me that he earns R5 200 ($430) a month. Of that, he spends R520 ($43) a month on transport to and from work -- an estimated 50km / 30mi travel each day. He said: “The cleaners here earn R1600 ($130) a month, and they travel further than I do.” OBSERVATION: The clerk's situation is typical. For a great many people, one of the greatest burdens of life is the distance they need to travel to and from work. It is hard to understand how their incomes can support them, even without the expense of transport, and of course rent. I so admire them for their fortitude.

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