Thursday, March 15, 2018

Patient Leadership

Here's a post I put up eight years ago, however it is of abiding application: "I'm very thankful for patient elders and deacons. A Church is at times the field of spiritual warfare, which may be intense. Then it becomes crucial that people not only have patience, but stamina to go with it. One of our stated requirements for leadership (we call it servanthood)  is that leaders should be "peaceable". I think it is vital that we have adhered to this selection criterion. Even under severe strain, our leadership has been peaceable, with not more than one or two transient exceptions during the past ten years. OBSERVATION: Our situation does not reflect the statistics or the trend -- we have far less conflict than the average -- for example, Lyle Schaller says: “Three-quarters of all church ministry is significantly reduced because of nonproductive conflict."

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