Sunday, April 8, 2018

Speed it Up

Some city societies, not that long ago, turned over about once every generation. The same societies may now turn over in months instead. A third of a city congregation may turn over in one year, and in some cases much faster. If one previously ministered in suburbia, where every new family is an event, and every loss a trauma, the city requires a significant mind-shift. One needs to speed up all one's processes. This includes the membership process -- without lowering requirements -- and issuing prompt invitations to newcomers to (for example) give their testimonies or lead prayers in Church. The reasons: this enriches the Church, speeds up reception of Christians in the Body, speeds up the assimilation of societal changes by the Church, and serves the interests of Christian maturity. OBSERVATION: I would add, though, that it may be more difficult for a congregation to accept such a mind-shift than for a minister. High turnover in a Church may be seen as loss and uncertainty, even failure or pending doom. This requires work with the congregation.

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