Friday, July 20, 2018

Jail For Nothing?

This was a counselling session with a difference. A congregant went missing for several months. Then he reappeared. He asked to see me. He had attended a Church in the city centre, he said, and two smart men in a white Mercedes offered him a lift home. He said: “Next thing, it was blue lights everywhere! The police had their guns drawn. They were screaming: ‘Get out of the car! Hands up! Hands up!’ It was a stolen car. I got nine months. For nothing! Nine months of my life wasted!” I said: “A judge makes decisions on the basis of the evidence. He must have had something to go on.” He merely began to repeat the story. I said a prayer for him. He put his head down and wept. He said: “May I come back to Church?” I said, “Of course. We’d love to see you.”

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