Friday, July 13, 2018

Not Common Crime

I have blogged several times about raids to my property in a village in the country -- apart from like incidents elsewhere. Now if I had been the only victim out there, one would really wonder why. However there has been a lot of crime out there lately. Even so, not all crime is the same kind of crime. Several raids to my property deliberately set aside valuables. Several were professional -- so said a friend in the security business, who is outsourced by police. Also, several targeted personal information. My most personal notebooks were seized, my office papers were sifted and dumped, my medical and travel records and so on were searched -- and there were multiple incidents of sabotage -- to water pipes and gas pipes especially -- and that is only a glimpse into what happened. OBSERVATION: Of concern is that every single investigation into these incidents, so far, has been subverted through gross violation of procedure -- such as the removal of evidence, refusals to take statements, or the scrapping of investigative steps. The most recent incident out there was now.

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