Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Prosecutor By The Book

I am assuming, for this post, that prosecutors go by the book. Given that this is true, this is what I discovered this month about the book, when I brought charges against a prosecutor:
When someone lays charges against a prosecutor -- say Prosecutor DA Jacobs -- get the police to hand the docket to Prosecutor DA Jacobs.
• Prosecutor DA Jacobs will know what to do. He will dismiss the charges against his own self.
• If someone writes up a complaint about this routine -- say, a Congregational minister -- do not acknowledge receipt. Keep silent.
• If the complainant persists, don't make any mention of Prosecutor DA Jacobs. None. Do not go there.
• Announce instead that this is all about something else. Say: "COMPLAINT: MALICIOUS INJURY TO PROPERTY AND THEFT." Put that in the subject line.
• Add some misleading statements about it, too. The flustered complainant should go off on a tangent. Prosecutor DA Jacobs will be forgot.
• Now issue a statement that somebody else dismissed the charges. Say, Prosecutor R de Kock.
• Cross your fingers that the complainant doesn't have the real dismissal in writing, 30 May 2018.
• And always, add the words: "Justice in our society."
OBSERVATION: To be continued. All of the above is substantiated by documentation. The charges against Prosecutor DA Jacobs were for allegedly covering police tracks. The big picture is that we long for a just and thoughtful society, where "justice is blind", and people feel secure in the administration of justice.

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