Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Impossible Dream

When I started in city ministry, the Church was really "in a state". It was such that repair work was focused solely on preventing massive damage -- the steeple toppling, the floorboards soaking, and so on. In fact we briefly needed to go into debt to save us from worse. At the end of my ministry, though, things had stabilised. Last Sunday, for the first time since I ministered there, I attended a Church Meeting -- which is a meeting of executive members. One of the members asked me: "Do you like what we have done?" They had renovated the Church all over. I said I could only have dreamt that it would ever look like that -- I was truly delighted to see the Church's assets in such good shape. OBSERVATION: Though I didn't look, a problem which probably still looms is the stones of which the Church is built -- Table Mountain sandstone -- a good material short term, but a bit of a disaster long term.

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