Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Invoicing An Official

Earlier this month, I needed to make a statement. An official instructed me to make a more than 200km round trip to make the statement in his office. I queried this. No, he said, I had to make the journey. So I travelled to his office and made the statement, but I sought advice. On good authority, I learned that no, I should not have had to travel there. I should have made the statement where I am, in Cape Town. It was the law. So I sent the official an invoice for my travelling expenses. OBSERVATION: However, officials are generally unaccountable for such behaviour in South Africa. I expect that he won't give it the time of day. But he should. He might have told hundreds of people the same story.

POSTSCRIPT: This post instantly struck a chord. It had more hits in an hour than many of my more popular posts in a day. It jumped onto my "Popular Posts" list.

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