Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Planning A Church's Crunch Point

More than ten years ago, I reported on this blog that "our Church's finances are working". What, then, if a Church's finances are not? Working finances, I wrote, depend on six factors:
• solid spiritual foundations
• constitutional proces
• well ordered finances
• transparency and accountability
• a Planned Giving Scheme, and
• congregational control. 
In order to undo working finances, one needs then to undo this list. Once accomplished, what then? There are three possibilities: restore the finances, close the Church, or seek a sustainable solution. It is crunch point. OBSERVATION: Now consider this. Was this crunch point planned? In some cases, yes. Someone with influence then stands up and says: "We are unsustainable now -- but wait! we have the solution! This is what we now do with our assets ..."

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