Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Under all of my ministries, we have had the rule that, if one does something “on behalf of the Church” that isn’t authorised, then it isn't on behalf of the Church, and one pays for it oneself. It is surprising how often this happens -- say once or twice a year -- although many cases are minor -- for example: "I ordered her a taxi. Can the Church reimburse me?" A few cases have been major. Early on in one of my ministries, an ordinary member ordered major work on the buildings, so that the Church would look good for its 100th anniversary. I walked into the Church garden one morning to discover a huge scaffold erected, and labourers beginning their work. In this case, the work was shut down, and the member concerned got off with a warning. OBSERVATION: I myself once bought a telephone answering machine, and realised that it wasn't authorised. I paid for it myself. 

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