Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pinelands Methodist 3D

Continuing my gallery of local Churches, here is the old Pinelands Methodist Church in 3-D. The new Pinelands Methodist Church stands just to its left. OBSERVATION: Click on the image to enlarge to 260k for enhanced 3D. To see the 3D, lazily squint your eyes until the images overlap and snap together. Your eyes need to be in line horizontally (and for any Methodists out there, one might point out that one's computer screen, too, needs to be horizontal).


markpenrith said...

hehehe, my stomach hurts.

Thomas Scarborough said...

One needs to show some special care and consideration for our Methodist friends. But seriously now, I saw someone the other day watching a wide-screen TV upside-down. I am still baffled.