Sunday, June 30, 2013

Muddy Service

I "attended" an Apostolic Church this morning. "Attended" in inverted commas here as one of this particular Church's key tenets is: no Church buildings. So they meet in the outdoors. This morning it was in the midst of some towering oaks. I needed to take off my shoes, and they clothed me in white raiment -- as all congregants were clothed -- then I had to sit down with the men in perishing cold mud (so much for my flannel trousers -- not to speak of the white raiment). The men carried staffs, and the women wore shawls. OBSERVATION: An apostle made me delete some photos that I took from behind the oaks -- it was a beautiful scene -- however he was warm and welcoming. Apart from some fascinating distinctives, the Church proclaimed the empowering of the Spirit, the authority of the Word, and salvation through Jesus. There was a strong emphasis on holiness of life.

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