Thursday, July 4, 2013

Reviving A Netbook

A month ago I plugged Puppy Linux into my six-year-old netbook computer. Puppy Linux is often used to revive old computers. Here's what may be reported a month later. My netbook is again compatible with large, high-resolution external monitors (see the image). It is again compatible with today's Internet. And I like the way that one can click on that orange "target" button, and Puppy Linux is ready with all applications and files to unplug, put in one's pocket, and conjure up on another computer. Puppy Linux is good enough for me to continue to use it a month later. I find that it has a few limitations, though: its standard software repository is modest, its file system is a little awkward, its residing in memory has both pros and cons: it may mean extraordinary speed, or it may become sluggish -- and it may not work with recent hardware.

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