Thursday, May 21, 2015

Slice Of Ministry

This one's just a slice of ministry, a description of two days of ministry in 2012, which I found on file: "I set out my priorities before my winter leave, got in touch with about fifteen members over a variety of things (several calls were pastoral), wrote a 3 000-word sermon, organised several items for our forthcoming Sunday service, typeset an evangelistic booklet, wrote our next Church newsletter in outline, outlined our next leadership agenda, had photos developed for our Church notice-board, checked in at the Church office, met with two members of staff, discussed issues with a number of ministers, put together property valuations, checked minutes, did some visitation, did much forward planning, and (if this is ministry) spent time in personal devotions. Among other things." OBSERVATION: Often people find it hard to envisage what ministry is really about.

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