Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Right To Know

A few posts on this blog have described my attempts to obtain statements from the police. It has seemed like trying to hack through impenetrable jungle. No, said senior officers, you can't hold statements against your own self without due permission. Nobody else agreed, except the people who made the statements. But sometimes, in my view, the Lord does what one would think to be beyond belief. One of the same senior officers held a statement against his own self without due permission. He put his signature over it, scanned it, sent it to me (ref. 25/7/2/1092 2015004003), and effectively cautioned me to remain silent. As will be seen, I am not remaining silent. I have asked the police: What's this? Now you need to hand over those statements. Either that, or you have a senior police officer (maybe more) who is in deep trouble.* OBSERVATION: It looks to me that there is a more general problem in this country, with police and civil society in complete disagreement at times over the right to know. *Alternatively, someone could turn on me.

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