Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The press yesterday reported that a Cape Town paedophile faces extradition to Australia -- his planned release from prison having been cancelled. According to Independent On-line: "In a plea and sentencing agreement, it emerged he attended the same church as the victims and he sexually abused them ..." Several years ago, I banned him from our Church Youth, though not for paedophilia. I "went through hell" for that decision, receiving serious threats and opposition. A while ago I wrote to one of the people who opposed me: "I suffered a great deal under your temper at that time, for an action which was absolutely necessary and surely saved children from serious harm." He was silent. I wrote, too: "I wish it had never happened to any of us, including [the paedophile]." OBSERVATION: That was not the only time I "went through hell" for the right decision.

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