Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Walking Papers

Recently (elsewhere on this blog) a police chief invited me to start again with a quest for information. I wanted the information on the basis of which I was twice criminally charged (and exonerated). But after two (more) formal applications for this information in terms of an Act of Parliament, the police again refused (see also Considerable Effort to Suppress). The explicit reason this time was that a police captain had requested the information, took it out of the archives, and held it over the (about) sixty days of my two applications, so that the information officer was helpless. This, I think, is a case of defeating the ends of justice. Attorneys have told me that of course I should have this information. As of today, therefore, I am exploring, together with the police, charges against the captain, one purpose of this being not to make a mistake if charges are laid. OBSERVATION: I am doing this in fact under severe threat, which is on record (on audio recording). And I have said that I fully expect that the threat could be carried out. I do hope, though, for normality. The South African police, in my experience in ministry, have often excelled, but this epic has been undoing a lot of good.

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