Monday, May 8, 2017

Church Under Fire

One of the more unusual incidents of my city ministry was that the Church got shot at. Our stained glass took about thirty hits. I brought a synagogue security chief into the Church. He looked up at the windows, this way and that. He saw two scatter patterns. It could have been a double-barrelled shotgun, he said. The windows were covered by insurance, and I was amazed how the stained glass experts vanished the damage. No one would tell today that the windows were ever shot full of holes. OBSERVATION: The stained glass was repaired under the eye of stained glass master Jan Bitenco. When he looked up at our windows in 2011, he was aghast at the value of them. Just one small pair of windows then was worth R800 000 to R1 000 000 (nearly R1 500 000 now). Someone sent me an e-mail at the time: "A dead Church will not attract demonic attention, so you must be doing something right!"

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