Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Editorial Play

As editors of Philosophical Investigations, we publish many essays (and other things besides). Of course, we can't agree with everyone we publish, nor can everyone "out there" agree. That makes our Comments section particularly useful, and there usually are several well considered comments on each essay. So we may publish a piece simply because it is good (and fits our guidelines) -- although we ourselves, as editors, may have our reservations. This permits the editors to play a little in the Comments section -- even with essays which they themselves have edited. OBSERVATION: Yesterday we published an editor-in-chief of US military history. In this case, I myself wasn't a part of the editing, so my comments are more "robust" than usual. It would seem that this essay may be taking some heat, but I said this is thanks, too, to the author. He is prepared to open up to us, and to everyone, and that is valuable.

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