Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Editor Checking In

I check in every few days to the weekly publication Philosophical Investigations, of which I am a co-editor, to see how I or my (so to speak) protégées are doing, and to check on public comment. In the weekly top ten today:
No. 1  Do We Need Perpetual Peace? (my editing)
No. 4  Not Really a Picture Post 
No. 5.  A Philosophy of the Environment
No. 9  A Philosophy of Gestures
OBSERVATION: On my own pieces: no. 4 was a photo which 'went viral' before we even wrote it up, no. 5 seeks a philosophical foundation for environmental thinking, and no. 9 is on the influence of gestures on philosophy. Usually the weekly favourites are soon forgotten, however nos. 4 and 9 were written many months ago.

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