Monday, January 16, 2017

Police Notice

I received this formal notice today (pictured) from the police. The prosecutor will not prosecute those persons who conveyed threats to me in the name of my old Church, Sea Point Evangelical Congregational Church -- however the police instruct me to apply for a Protection Order. So, while those who conveyed the threats may not have their day in court (although this is not ruled out), this message is nonetheless a sad reflection of what has gone on in the name of the Church, against a long-serving minister with a thriving ministry. A bit late in the day. OBSERVATION: The threats I received were against my safety, reputation, career, and future -- and sad to say, they ended my ministry. A point of clarity: this post is about those who conveyed the threats, not about those who originated them.

POSTSCRIPT: Without me asking them to, my attorneys contacted the police. Prosecution may continue -- but it is what is called a "private prosecution", which is a somewhat impractical thing.

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