Friday, February 17, 2017

A Church Report

In 2003, I wrote an expansive report on the Kiribati Protestant Church. I felt ‘a burden’ to write it. It was published by an English Dame, and for several years was the preferred report on the Church on the Internet. When therefore there was a revolution in the Church, just a few short weeks ago – with the Church ‘separating out’ into the Kiribati Protestant Church and the Kiribati Uniting Church – I wondered whether I had been a part of the equation. Probably, yes. Among other things, I was invited to participate in a Church boardroom on-line. OBSERVATION: I have been surprised by photos I have received. I have never seen such passion for the Church, not since my youth (an example above right). Yet I feel that I am not needed as a partisan. I simply share my own perspectives and encouragements, with anyone, from time to time.

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