Friday, February 10, 2017

Audit Conversation

I have been involved in what I think to be a tragic matter. This was arguably what ended my urban ministry. On receipt, today, of information I requested in terms of the Information Act, I have decided to put the above conversation (legally) on my blog. One may click on it to play. It covers the closing 2½ minutes of a conversation between me and the Legal Director of the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors, Jane O'Connor, on 31 May 2016. I submitted a request for information on discovering (inter alia) that the Legal Director had not communicated with the Church Meeting, the members, as was mandatory under the circumstances. I put this clip here without further comment, except to note that one may discern, I think, what my spirit was and is in this matter. Here, where the recording begins, the Director has just informed me of an offence in connection with the Church audit.

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