Thursday, February 23, 2017

Expensive 'Gift'

Recently someone received a "gift" from a charity, and a big bill to go with it. But they were puzzled. They hadn't ordered it or invited it. So they stored it safely on a shelf without opening it. Next thing, they received a lawyer's letter, demanding the money. I visited the charity on their behalf, and returned the gift. No, said the charity, they didn't send out lawyer's letters. I showed them the letter, with their name emblazoned on it. I asked for proof that there had been an order -- or something of the sort. They revealed several audio recordings of their so-called customer. But just one of these calls was connected with their charity. It was their "customer" wondering why in the world they had received this "gift". I said: "This is not proof!" The charity offered to pay to the customer an amount they had demanded from them. And so there was peace.

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