Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Levels Of Ministry By Members

In my ministr(ies), every Sunday, I have sought to include ministry by members (the priesthood of believers) -- on three levels:
• Level 1. Member participation with little original input: handing out books, taking a reading in Church, and so on.
• Level 2. Members have brief personal input: presenting a song, introducing a set prayer, and so on, with a few words of their own.
• Level 3. Members have significant personal input: leading the Sunday prayers, giving a testimony in Church, and so on. 
Where I have found Level 2 and Level 3 not to be present in a Church (which is in every case), I have introduced them gently, one after the other. OBSERVATION: Level 3 is the greatest challenge, particularly in a chaotic, African urban environment. Whenever I have had Level 3 items in Church, I have had a Plan B to back them up. I have found that these three levels of ministry by members greatly enrich the Church. Diversity is also a goal here: all ages, cultures, and stations in life. (When I say "I", it is really "we". Everything proceeds through consensus).

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