Saturday, March 25, 2017

Church Choirs

Through three ministries, I very much encouraged Church choirs. Each choir had its own strong musical character, singing (in turn) historical Church classics, established European hymns, South African hymns, and African language classics. The most notable choirmasters were Ricardo Lagiard, Audrey Geard, Michael Scholtz, Henry Isaacs, and Ester Sizani (who is now my wife). Ester, however, "bonded" her choir rather than leading it. These choirs variously used sheet music, the tonic solfa, or no musical score at all. OBSERVATION: I think that the choirs were important, for lifting the worship, and for building friendship. I encouraged them not merely to perform hymns or songs, but to make their performances an occasion for personal, spiritual ministry to the congregation, usually with a short introduction or testimony. This was often touching, and it removed any sense that a choir was just an institution, as often seems to be the case.


ricardo said...

Hi Thoma. Good to hear from you. Thank you for giving me a space in your memories. I was delighted to contribute to the service you and your parents rendered to the community.
God bless you.
Ricardo Lagiard
22 May 2017

Thomas Scarborough said...

Hi Ricardo. Hi Ana. That was a very special time. Recently I put up a photo on my Facebook page of the choir. Try this: