Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gilbert Islands 1968

This photo was taken in the Gilbert Islands, about 1968. I found the photo this week. I am second from the right, my little sister far right, my father far left. The Commissioner of Police, Paddy Williams, is in the photo with his family. OBSERVATION: This was Betio, an islet which at that time was cut off from the rest of Tarawa atoll. It is now connected by a causeway, and is the most densely populated islet in the Republic. In those days, at low tide, one could drive across the reef to reach Betio, and vice versa. One Land Rover tried it too late, and sank under the waves. We thought it was very funny. My father, ever formal, wears a suit here. The temperature was 100°F in the shade (38°C).

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