Saturday, March 11, 2017

Re-Launched Journal

The Philosopher is the oldest general philosophy journal in the world. In 2014, it went through a major transition, separating out its print and on-line editions. I then became a deputy editor of the on-line edition, and not long after this, the on-line edition was re-launched. Before the re-launch, The Philosopher on-line was (almost) nowhere to be found in Google searches. Now it is at the top -- and last month, it broke the 10 000 page-views a month barrier. OBSERVATION: While I had only a minor role in the re-launch, it is good to see it doing fairly well at an early stage. At the moment, we have an article up by a UN special rapporteur. During the past 104 years, the journal has published some household names. Recently I was more centrally involved in the re-launch of the weekly Philosophical Investigations.

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