Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Aspirations Of A Theological College

This is the chapel of Tangintebu Theological College -- the remotest theological college on earth, but also the most central in the Pacific. I am in the foreground, far left. The college was established by the London Missionary Society. My father, behind me in the photo, was a chaplain there. This chapel has been expanded since. Anyway, the college wishes to offer a doctor's degree from 2019. For this purpose, they want to fund a local minister, Berenike Biiko, to study for a doctorate. I myself recently helped Berenike by commenting on her Master's thesis. You may read this post and realise that you can help with funds. If so, the Academic Dean of the college is Rev. Soama Tafia (soamatafia@gmail.com). OBSERVATION: Personally, I am astonished at the progress of the college. Many thought they wouldn't get this far.

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