Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bartering With Prayer

There is a practice here of "bartering with prayer" -- not bartering with God, but offering prayer as barter. For example, a university student called me to say that he had no food. I was able to obtain some financial help for him, and arranged to meet him on a street corner. He offered me prayer in return. I gave him two things to pray for. Another example: I engaged the services of a professional at nearly R1,000 an hour. She e-mailed me: "I would far rather prefer you praying for my business than getting payment from you. My book debt is huge. ... Is that a good deal for you?"


Jenny Hillebrand said...

I really, really like that. Gets the person to do something useful in exchange for the money and if they do just pray once, what an opportunity for God to speak to them. Thanks.

Thomas Scarborough said...

This is something people can do even without money, time, ability, and it is surely underestimated.