Thursday, April 27, 2017

Congregational Banking

How does a Congregational Church bank? It seemed to me last week, as the bank spoke to me about my old Church, as if the people with power over transactions had locked themselves in a room, and were communicating only through notes under the door -- notes which may reveal all or nothing or anything. At the moment, not even a minister, trustee, or auditor may be entitled to see what happens at the bank. What might better serve a Congregational body, said regional manager Ralph Egar, is a two-tier system. One group of people has authority to sign things (only on behalf of the Church), while another group has authority to see what is going on. OBSERVATION: In a Congregational Church, every member is an executive member, so that every member should be able to see what is going on. For practical purposes, though, it would surely be a sub-set of the whole Body.

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