Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ten Chapters

Ten chapters of my metaphysic (a total philosophy) have now reached maturity, and fifteen chapters do not seem far off. A total of thirty chapters are in the works, and I seem to be on schedule. It has been a hard task to shift some of these chapters from conceptual completeness to stylistic maturity. Sometimes a simpler style demands a rethink of the concepts. OBSERVATION: An important question is: What distinguishes my metaphysic from any “loopy” metaphysic out there. A few things. The project was proposed to me by editors on the basis of my previous work, and a first edition was published by the Philosophical Society of England. I estimate (without having checked it) that test chapters have been read 2 000 times, and I obtained a great deal of feedback. I have had a fair education to assist me, too: two Master’s degrees cum laude or equivalent.

POSTSCRIPT: Being reunited with my records after travelling, I see that test chapters have been read more than 4 400 times (much more than that in fact, but this is as far as my records go).

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