Monday, April 10, 2017

The Character Of Bible Studies

Bible studies vary a great deal in character. Here is a "picture" of my own Bible studies. These have included various components in one session, among them the following:
• Often I have set aside time at the start of a Bible study to answer questions which arose in the previous session.
• The biggest part of a Bible study has always been a Bible text, sometimes a Biblical theme.
• Parallel with this, I have sought to give people a broad theological education.
• Always I have included spiritual input from the group, and every few weeks I have handed over the whole group to a member.
• My Bible studies have always included worship and prayer.
• I have always given time for dealing with people's present situation in a spiritual way.
OBSERVATION: My Bible studies have always been an hour each. My style has been directive rather than a non-directive, and I have proactively sought input from all members.

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