Thursday, May 25, 2017

No Lonely Decisions

I was talking to a deaconess a few years ago, about how she was getting on with busing some choirs to our Church. She said, “Decisions, decisions!” -- and she was taking these decisions on her own. I said, “You’re not alone. You don’t have to take all these decisions yourself. You’re surrounded by Christian brothers and sisters who can help and advise you.” OBSERVATION: Ministers have this syndrome, too. Church leadership experts Roxburgh and Romanuk wrote: “Pastors have been schooled to think and act in a SOLA PASTORA way.” They assume the wise and lonely role of King Solomon, forgetting that they can just ask the Body, even on the spur of the moment. In the Congregational Church, that is ultimately the sine qua non of Church governance -- the “without which not”.

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