Sunday, June 11, 2017

Emotions And Ministry

One can be an "opaque" kind of minister when it comes to one's emotions, giving the impression of a bullet-proof exterior. Or one can wear one's heart on one's sleeve, sharing all one's troubles and burdens with feeling. But those are two extremes. At any rate, ministers do think about the matter -- as is evidenced in many Christian leadership books. The fact is, a minister is human, and has weaknesses and struggles, and I think it is good to be open about that. However, what makes the difference, and keeps this healthy, is combining one's feelings with the expression of a real faith in God, and a good sense of perspective. For example: "I am distressed, but I trust that God will give an answer." Otherwise it is just melodrama on the one hand, or cold remoteness on the other. OBSERVATION: There are moments, though, which cannot be dealt with in a balanced way, because they are beyond that. As an example, one colleague cried all the way through a service when he was diagnosed with cancer. It did not affect his ministry.

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