Friday, June 30, 2017

Mad People

A well known South African reporter died yesterday of "stress cardiomyopathy", at 32. Her story confirms my own, which was being written independently at the same time. According to News24, she was the victim of "undue threats, trauma, and victimisation. ... she also received threatening messages on her phone. Her flat was broken into on numerous occasions, the brake cables of her car were cut, and her car’s tyres were slashed, she was shot at and abducted," and so on. I myself received severe threats, I had my house pipes slashed, and water system (apparently) sabotaged -- the photos show just some of the damage -- I had dozens of intrusions, my personal papers were seized, my car was (apparently) dangerously sabotaged, I received endless anonymous calls, and so on. The police, following one investigation, instructed me in writing to obtain a protection order, although they made no arrests. OBSERVATION: It happens. It's true. The details of my own situation are scattered across this blog. There are similarities and differences, of course -- and this reporter's situation was worse. Somebody said to me: "Whoever is doing it is mad, that's all." I won't try to explain it in this post. I myself laid charges in almost every case, mostly against unknown persons. I have, in a sense, been under siege from 2013 until (the most recent incidents) 2017. There is something about this country that is out of control.

POSTSCRIPT: There were three incidents in April this year, at least two of which appeared to be purely malicious. I made three attempts to lay criminal charges, but did not succeed, where it was the duty of police to open a case. The crimes were obvious: damage to my vehicle, damage to my furniture (which means an intrusion), and the removal of a window.

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