Thursday, June 8, 2017

Parade Of Investigators

I decided, this morning, to make a list of criminal investigations I am involved in (as an "innocent", I would add). I wanted to get a grip on their status. So I set in order the telegram-style notices that the police issue about the registration of a case, its transfer (sometimes), and the appointment of an investigator. But when I saw the completed list in front of me, I was surprised. Two cases had been through six investigators -- or seven, if one counts "two" for an investigator who was appointed and terminated twice -- or eight, if ... but this is meant to be a simple post. One of the cases has to do with raids of my property, the other with a fraudulent auditor under my city ministry (and thereafter). OBSERVATION: Two cases, and six-plus investigators? If anyone has any insight into such things, do drop a comment here.

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