Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bibles As Missions

A major emphasis of my ministr(ies) has been the distribution of Bibles -- as a missions expense. Many Bibles, we distributed free, but mostly we 50% subsidised them -- sometimes individuals subsidised them -- and we gave away an evangelistic booklet free with each one. The demand was constant -- we were repeatedly sold out. We had a big poster up at the back of my city Church, with the number of Bibles we had distributed. I lost count after one-thousand, which was over the first few years of the project. If a hardcover Bible costs R130 today, that's R65 000 (in today's terms) for the first thousand Bibles subsidised. The total count may have been a few times that. The photo on the right shows a consignment of hardcover Bibles that my city Church ordered.

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