Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lost In Africa

I was lost at sea in the Pacific once with a few men on an open boat, between Maiana and Tarawa atolls. One says there, in such a situation: “Look at the sky!” We stood still in the boat, and looked at the sky. One may see the sun, or the moon, or the stars. One may see birds. One may see clouds. Or in this case, we saw the faint reflection of Tarawa against the sky. Last night, wife E and I were “lost in Africa”. All was black. There was no traffic on the road. It was not the right road. I got out of the car / automobile, and looked at the sky. I saw the stars. We were headed almost in the right direction. I saw a faint glow against the sky – a village about fifteen miles away. That's where we wanted to be. OBSERVATION: What works in the Pacific works in Africa, in its own way. Incidentally, in the Pacific, one says next: “Look at the ocean!” Maybe in another post.

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