Saturday, July 29, 2017

Meandering Metaphysic

I am writing a metaphysic, or total philosophy -- which is, I would hope, nearing the finish. According to my computer, there have been more than ten-thousand revisions to date. My work advanced like this:
• I proposed core concepts in an academic paper (published 2013)
• I expanded on these concepts in a series of essays (published)
• I then tested core concepts for a possible metaphysic: this worked
• I completed a (small) metaphysic: 20 chapters, 70 pages (published 2015)
• I expanded this to 33 chapters, 200 pages
• Most chapters (suitably adapted) were published
• These chapters were read about 5 000 times, with much input
• I engaged a philosophy graduate to critique all concepts
• I incorporated input and critique, and added illustrations throughout
• Finally I embarked on a complete rewrite for style, and a final draft
OBSERVATION: The final draft has reached chapter 25 out of 32 (one chapter dropped). A philosophy editor commented at the start: "This young project may yet become a mighty oak." The philosophy graduate who critiqued it commented: “I relate to much of the metaphysic. It touches on reality.”

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