Sunday, July 30, 2017

Meditations On A Magnetometer

I call it my "last big design". Yesterday I hunted for electronic components to design a magnetometer. I didn't find them all -- Cape Town is an electronics backwater. Years ago, I designed a magnetometer that publishers described as "incredibly sensitive". It detected variations in magnetic field strength. This meant that (for example) if one turned it, it instantly picked up the earth's magnetic field. What I want to do with my "last big design" is build two super-sensitive magnetometers, and have them cancel each other out. That should kill any variations that both magnetometers detect at the same time (such as the earth's magnetic field), but not variations picked up by one or the other. OBSERVATION: The original design (without explaining it here) picked up the rumble of a train at 2km or 1¼ miles distance. There were many odd uses: for instance, detecting a cat with a magnet on its collar -- or a cat without one. It will be interesting to see what the new concept will do (assuming that I finish it successfully) ...

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