Saturday, July 15, 2017

Monitoring Prohibition

Following the close of my city ministry, a lawyer wrote a letter to my attorneys, claiming that my actions were “being recorded”. The letter was accusatory, and so were others, so I personally informed the police chief – not of anyone else's errors, but I reported myself, as it were. He threw it all out. Lawyers, of course, do not do such things on their own behalf, but act on behalf of a client. The most likely client here seemed to be the Church – but surely it couldn’t be the Church? This week, I laid legal claim to whatever it was that was “being recorded”, and requested that the client be named. OBSERVATION: There is, in South Africa, an Interception and Monitoring Prohibition Act, which “prohibits monitoring” – and related legislation. The police chief, incidentally, seemed bemused that someone reported himself.

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