Monday, July 10, 2017

Odd Memories

I have met or I have spoken to some prominent if not famous theologians and churchmen. It seems curious, though, what I remember. Here’s a sampling, the sum total of what I recall of each one:
Francis Schaeffer: “Let me finish my Smarties!”
Richard Wurmbrand: “Why does he address me in English?”
Samuel Külling: “Mister Scarborough, you are late!”
Bobby Clinton: “Make sure you are on time!”
Ephraim Buchwald: “It worked! Hahaaa! It worked!”
Jürgen Moltmann: “You come from South Africa?”
Pepine Iosua: “Hot water!”
I surely have more (of the living words) of these great men stored away in my memory, although I don’t recall it. I thought on this when somebody recently told me of just the same kind of memories they had. OBSERVATION: I can, however, remember a lot about some of these men's teaching and outlook.

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