Monday, July 17, 2017

Pity The Fundamentalists

Since her early death 6½ years ago, for the first time, my late wife Mirjam’s thinking has been published in “popular” form. An 800-word essay titled (click here) Pity the Fundamentalists, it is written “with Thomas Scarborough” since I broadened her concepts. Notwithstanding the title, the essay is not anti-fundamentalist. It is, I think, an unusual angle on fundamentalism. OBSERVATION: Something Mirjam said, which is not in the essay, is that one needs to find a more glorious view of God if one is to develop a more adequate concept of calling or commissioning.

POSTSCRIPT: I am pleased to learn that this essay is instantly popular. In less than half a day, it shot to first place in Philosophical Investigations' Top of the Pops list.

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