Monday, August 14, 2017

‘Him Or Me’

This isn’t a gentle post. It’s about the realities of urban ministry. Around the year 2000, in city ministry, the stresses in our suburb became intense. I suffered much abuse. Once I suffered concussion when a man wearing a kufi assaulted me. Every time I turned the corner to the Church, I prayed: “Lord have mercy.” I found that thoughts of resignation were going through my head. I shared my feelings with the Church. They said they couldn’t afford to lose me, and they stood behind me as one man. I wasn’t the only one with such feelings -- it was local business people, too. We held a combined meeting with police at the Church. However, the police chief was indecisive. Ultimately I decided: “It’s him or me.” I took him on as if that were true. OBSERVATION: This did bring significant relief – however real salvation came through FIFA World Cup regulations. And it wasn't long before the chief was replaced by a “tough guy” from the Serious and Violent Crimes Unit.

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