Thursday, November 16, 2017

Police: Move Out!

Recently I blogged about a search and seize raid on my property. In fact, there were several (more details in due course). In the first raid, a massive amount of papers were taken. The Caledon police launched an investigation. On that same day, the Sea Point police met with me, at the behest of Colonel Lento. In a previous recording, Publishing Police Woes, the police told me again and again, that day, that I had nothing, nothing, nothing. These snippets here (above) are from that same meeting (click ⊳ to Play), Warrant Officer Bartholomew here tells me again and again to leave town, go, move out! The beeps represent splices in the audio. OBSERVATION: It was in my best interests to go, said the police. I did not make sense of that then, and have not made sense of it now. What is clear is this: when the police speak to someone like this, it is not a good situation. This was the situation at the close of my city ministry. (The image shows the area that I should move out of).

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