Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Church's Splendour

Churches, I would think, have two kinds of splendour -- the human splendour and the divine. I have had the privilege of experiencing the splendour which makes a Church a sought after place -- even if, in human eyes, there are humble people there or things in disrepair. It is a borrowed splendour, because it comes from the Lord. In an important sense, it is not something one possesses or creates. I think of one incident in particular which served as a sign of the splendour I speak of. The Lausanne conferences are arguably the best known Christian gatherings in the world. When Lausanne III was held in Cape Town, our Church was sought after by Lausanne delegates -- and some prominent ones, too, if there is such a thing as a Lausanne delegate who is not prominent. And it was not all about proximity, as we were 5km distant from the Lausanne venue. OBSERVATION: Not knowing that delegates were coming, our Church was at its best those Sundays.

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