Friday, January 19, 2018

Books And E-Books

"The story about us" -- the unusual, heart-warming, tumultuous tale of wife E and me -- is to be available on smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. I thought this should be simple. I know of one major publisher anyway which says "Click here to convert" if you would like to turn a book into an e-book. But I am determined to have full-screen full-colour (mostly Leica) photographs throughout. That made my book look beyond possible for all e-readers. Even after massive compression, it was too big. So it had to be divided up into a series. But the first and then the second divisions failed -- the parts were still too big. It lay not so much in the number of pages or photographs, but in the code. Another problem was catering for both colour and monochrome screens. One can't colour-code anything for a start, or it will fail on monochrome. OBSERVATION: The good news is, it is all moving in the right direction.

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