Saturday, January 6, 2018

Diverting A River (Not)

A few years ago, our plot in the country was hit by a disaster. There were heavy rains, and (so I am told) a dam above us breached -- yet it did not burst. But a dam below it burst, then a dam below them both burst -- so that our plot was hit by a double dam burst. This radically altered the course of a river which once flowed past a cabin on our plot. I did some exploring this week, to see whether the river could be diverted back to its original course, past the cabin. The answer was definitely no. In the foreground of this photo, one sees the old river course. Beyond this, one sees the new river course -- which has cut a channel about two metres / yards deeper than the old river course. One sees it better if one enlarges the photo (click on it). OBSERVATION: The old river flowed through an avenue of trees, which now look desolate without the river.

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